Speaking from the heart about Orlando

I like so many around the country grieve for the LGBTQ community and those who were directly affected in Orlando. I wrote this earlier today on Facebook and I will share it here: "The LGBTQ community is made of human beings. Human beings like you and like me. They are not sexual deviants, dressing up in drag so they can sneak into bathrooms of the opposite sex to molest your children. They are human beings. They deserve to be able to love those that they choose, because they are human beings.

I would like to say the rhetoric around the Gay community has reached an all time high but it hasn't, the rhetoric has just changed. In the 80's, it was the sexual deviants spreading disease far and wide. In the 90's it was gay people trying to creep into popular society to turn your kids gay. And now it's Men dressing up as woman so they can go in and rape your daughters (even though they're gay).

Stop it. When you partake in this hate speech, when you actively work to stop people from being treated like human beings, when you actively work against equality, you perpetuate the same kind of violence we witnessed today.

I implore you stop being an enemy and become an ally. Stop being a incubator for hate and discrimination. You probably have a friend or family member who is gay or trans or queer, or struggling with how they identify. They deserve to be loved and allowed to love too.

If you live in Orlando or Florida, go donate blood. If you don't live in Orlando or Florida go donate blood.

To my friends in the LGBTQ community I want you to know I want to be your ally and I will continue to speak and to act against discrimination."

You see leadership often starts with speaking from your heart. But it must be followed by action.