Today, my family and I went to the pool for a day of water slides, lazy rivers, and the such. As we were walking out my daughter Maia saw another young girl from her school and said "Hey Lyla, who's going to be a fifth grader!" Here my daughter was saying hi to a friend but also celebrating her friends end of a school year and promotion to the next grade. When partaking in the act of leadership we tend to spend our time diagnosing problems. While these problems may have some technical issues to them the problems are usually something much larger that deal with the systemic failures of an orginazation. This problem solving changes from finding the answer to finding multiple answers, and while one challenge may be solved more will pop challenges will pop up. When you're doing this kind of adaptive work it's sometimes difficult to stay positive and we forget that progress is being made.

That's why it's important to celebrate the little victories. Every little success needs to be acknowledged and rewarded. Because while every problem has challenges there are multiple oppurtunites for success and forward motion. So celebrate!