What Are You Passionate About?

Alright take 20 minutes and go watch THIS Ted Talk by Simon Senek. I'll wait... It's one of the few Ted Talks that actually made me think differently, not only about the way I think of leadership but the way I think about my art. Teaching, Composing, Performing, these are all What I do, but they have nothing to do with Why I do it. I've done a lot of work around my Why and for me, the thing that drives me about using my art and my leadership is to help everyone have a voice.

A student in one of my classes recently said "art is about the conversation between the artist and the audience". This is one of the best definitions of art I've heard. My Why is driven by creating an environment where people can have the conversations they want to have in the most meaningful way possible.

So what does my Why have to do with leadership? This is how I want to energize people. Help them discover their Why, and find how it aligns to our schools Why. I think if everyone makes their decisions based on their Why and understand their organizations Why powerful things can happen.

So what are you passionate about. What's your Why?